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News Guangdong

China's logistics sector outperforms pre-pandemic level

China's logistics sector has maintained its recovery momentum and shown better performance in the first half of 2021, compared with the pre-pandemic level in 2019, an industry report showed.

Chinese shuttler Chen Yufei wins Olympic women's singles gold

China's top seed Chen Yufei defeated Chinese Taipei's world No. 1 Tai Tzu-ying 2-1 in the badminton women's singles final at Tokyo 2020 here on Sunday.

China harvests Olympic gold, silver in table tennis women's singles

China's Chen Meng lived up to her status as the world No. 1 by overcoming compatriot Sun Yingsha 4-2 to claim the Olympic gold medal in table tennis women's singles competition here on Thursday.

More places enhance steps amid new Nanjing outbreak

The COVID-19 outbreak in Nanjing, capital of East China's Jiangsu Province, continues to escalate at an unpredicted speed due to the high population flow of the airport and the strong transmission capacity of the Delta variant.
Guangdong in a CenturyThe 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the CPC

87在线高清视频免费观看New rules to build up digital economy in Guangdong

Guangdong's new rules to boost the digital economy was put under second scrutiny on July 29. The rules center around the digitalization of various industries, and some digital reforms for government as well.

Consular Corps visit Zhanjiang’s marine, steel and agricultural projects

The Consular Corps toured to Zhanjiang and visited its major industrial, agricultural and marine projects from July 28 to 30. The tour was organized by the Guangdong Foreign Affairs Office.

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